​She had dreams


​She had dreams

Now she has a baby bump

Like every human she has fears

Will her dreams ever come true?

Will this new protruding belly accommodate her plans?
It wasn’t time

Yet her body did not co-operate

She wanted to gather her assets first

And give her baby the best of life

Yet it wasn’t time

When the baby came
She’d waited all her married life for one

Now the doctors say she’s too advanced in years

And now the baby decides to stop by

She doesn’t want to be a murderer

By keeping a pregnancy that might go bad

She doesn’t want to keep hope alive

When hope is like a flickering light
She never wanted this

But it was planted there by the force of a man stronger than her

She screamed and cried that night

Because he had given her a seed she was not ready to nurture

For Christ’s sake! She was still a child herself
From the baby that threatened mama’s dreams to the baby that couldn’t wait for mama to get rich first

From the baby that came “too late” to the baby that bore the mark of mama’s rape
Mama always loved

Mama always cared

Mama looked inside her at her pain but looked at us as the source of her joy
She had a life before us

Maybe she wanted to take more selfies too before we invaded her privacy with ours

Maybe she wanted to stand on international platforms too before we came along with our own big dreams
She was not born with a baby in her arms

But when we arrived, somehow she became a guru at caring for us

The fears didn’t go away

The fears have not gone away

And so to the Father in heaven she prays

Standing in the gap

That it may be well with them

A natural intercessor

Mama stands in the gap

Where will we be without her prayers?
We take selfies and wear clothes that compliment our flawless bodies

But the floor has become her mirror

Reflecting the scars of her knees as she lifts up prayer for us

Her body has received the mark of motherhood

Yet, her love has not wavered 

We love you

We might not say it everyday but you are a pillar of strength we cannot do without

For every sacrifice you have made, may God replenish with joy
We will grow

We will soar

We will go places

We will make a name
Because you have loved

Because you have prayed

The entire world will hear

That once you were just a woman

Now, you are an extraordinary mother
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!
Dorinda Akueku-Nimpah©


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