15 lessons from 2016


​2016 to a degree came with a number Challenges. Fortunately, with all these challenges I learnt some truths and lessons about life .  As I share these truths ,I hope you learn some lessons too . 

Lesson 1

The greatest honours are reserved for those who endure the greatest struggles . 

It’s almost impossible to go through life without being beaten down by some of life’s struggles . If haven’t experienced struggles yet ,which i doubt you haven’t, then it’s because you haven’t bumbed into the devil yet .lol. But seriously though life comes with struggles and everyone will experience them . In so much as these challenges hurt us ,they are there to also build us . Imagine a teenager like David having to fight a giant Goliath.  It seemed like a herculian task . David had nothing to lose and coukd have easily run away yet decided to face the very thing everybody was running away from . What you must know is your struggle determines your honour. 

Lesson 2

Enjoy life . Happiness isn’t dependent on an event but a choice we make. 

When i talk about enjoining life ,am mot refering to the  chilling out with friends and all that but rather  living life with joy and peace and not having to bother or worry about every other thing . When we rejoice In the lord by meditating on his words ,them we can experience perfect peace .

Lesson 3

Love people for no reason . No conditions at all !

People usually love for one or two reasons. Our parents will love us perhaps because we have a good conduct . Our teachers will recommend and us with good remarks probably because we behave well . The world puts conditions  on love . If you don’t have your acts together, then they won’t love you . But that’s not how God commands us to love . God wants us to love everyone without any condition. 

Lesson 4

The battle of life is mostly the battle of the mind. If you can win in your mind then you will emerge victorious.

The mind has always been the battlefield. The devil attacks our mind to  destroy us. The bible says we become what we constantly think about.  If you are depressed, worried ,bitter or angry it is because you have planted death in your mind .  

Lesson 5

Don’t try to be someone else . Be you !! 

God set you free so you can be yourself. Not someone else . I mean he sees righy through you and knows all those flaws . He isn’t shocked when you make a mistake . He loves you just the way you are .

Lesson 6 

There’s a price to pay for everything. 

Every dream comes with a price. We are in a constant trade with life and we would have to let go of somethings before we can have what we desire .To get to where you want to go ,you must drop who you used to be !!

Lesson 7 

Everything happens for a reason

Every effect has cause !! If you are successful it’s probably you what was expected. If you are sick is because you aren’t exercising. Everything happens for a reason . 

Lesson 8 

Quit worrying!

Yes just quit worrying!!

Lesson 9 

Trust God even when you don’t feel like it ! 

When you don’t feel like it ,that’s when you need to trust him the more . His ways are always perfect . 

Lesson 10 

Words are powerful. We get what we say!

If you life is not what you expected it to be or if you aren’t experiencing God’s goodness ,check your daily conversation. What we say has the potential to acquit us or condemn us . 

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