5 Habits that can improve your christian life – Kenneth Bray


A lot of christian strive for change .Most Christians try to get out of a particular sin, Overcome an emotional challenge or simply change from bad habits .

Sadly many of us fail and give up along the way and never actually achieve our goal. Christian principles shows us that real change first takes place on the inside .

When we plant the seed(Word of God ) In our spirits ,then this seed will in turn produce the change that we need.

If you have been searching for ways to improve upon your Christianity , or transform your life ,then this post is for you .

In today’s post ,I share some key habits that I believe can improve your Christianity tremendously. Enjoy !

Meditate on God’s word

The bible admonishes us to abide in the Lord which also means we are to remain or make his presence our home .
You wouldn’t have to be in church only for you to ‘abide’ in the Lord . We can abide when we Read the word, think about it throughout the day, listen to a sermon and meditate on it through out the day . is very possible to think on God’s word through out our day.

Live life by faith

Habakkuk 2:4the righteous will live by faith.”
Living life by faith simply means having a positive attitude towards everything and every moment in our lives.

Look out for others

We will not live fulfilled lives until we learn to genuinely love others as much as Christ loved us .

That is the whole essence of our faith .Without love ,soul winning is meaningless ,without love , everything we do in the name of Christianity would amount to nothing.
Be there for someone .

Do something valuable to help someone. Be a problem solver . Make sure your existence makes someone happy.

Talk to God throughout the day .

Instead of complaining and telling people about your problems ,why not talk to God instead ?

It is not only possible to do this all day but also necessary. Having a good conversation with God,not the religiously clichéd method ,but genuinely opening up to him and thanking him for his goodness and blessing can cause us to receive God’s best for us.

Serve with your talent

Putting your talent to use does not only help others but yourself too . This helps you to improve upon your gift.You will need to Serve people with your talent . The best place to serve with your talent is the church .

Identify something in the church that needs to change or you think can be improved by your expertise and then start .Be proactive ,and don’t wait for anyone to tell you before.


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