Goodmorning Jesus ,
I enjoyed your presence this morning ,is been quite long since we had this fellowship and I miss it. I miss the way you listen quietly when I talk .I miss the times you speak to me and give me directions and ideas to solve my issues . I know I went far from you this time but you were never far from me . Though I didn’t give you attention because I was busy ,you still had time for me . I doubted you but you still believed in me. I looked at my inadequacies and weakness and stamped my self a failure yet you looked at my strength and still believed I could . Left to me alone ,hell was to be what I deserved . Am nothing ,not even better than a pig . I looked right yet I did things that displeased you . I enjoyed the praise singers voice ,but those Same praises pulled me down .

I am coming back to you lord ,I hope you will take me back . I feel lost in this world and I need you back in my life . The morning is supposed to be a joy lord ,but not mine . I can’t help but to clothe my self in grief every morning . Isn’t the morning supposed to be met with joy, The joy of beginning a new and victorious day .
How can I be victorious if I feel like a failure in the morning . I wish you will make me all over again , anew !, but perfect this time .If it is possible lord ,I want to be perfect ,free from guilt ,sin and all manner weaknesses . But if not ,use me as I am ,for what is the use for a donkey like me if I am still tied to the stake . Nonetheless I know you have untied me and set me free solely for your purpose . For when you rode on the donkey , it was a joyful entry into Jerusalem, that alone assures me you are still in the business of untiring and riding on donkeys even now,no matter how stubborn they are . Jesus ,I just wona thank you for your sacrifice on the cross ,though I never deserved it , you pre- ordained and chose me, by that I am counted among the elect. You shed your blood for my vilest sins and took them away . You took my place and was made sin . You loved me even before I was a clothe of blood and predestined me to be saved . Thank you again and I know you love me irrespective of what I am. If you will never leave me then May I never leave you ,tie me with a girdle to your waist . Shut me in your bosom ,let me be stuck to you so that it will be impossible to separate . I want to feel your heartbeat and think the way you think . May my spirit be sync with yours o lord for the world is very tempting and she seeks to entice me with her pleasures . May I not fall for her seduction lord . Wrap me in your arms so I May never go!

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