I decided to take a blogging break  to work on some  personal issues, however  as I was lieing  on my bed this evening and reflecting on how I had spent the year then I had  an impression to write this short article .

I have come to understand that there’s a reason to be thankful to our maker ,If not for anything at all ,the fact that we are alive. 

This year has seen quiet a number disasters and accidents that led of deaths and  

This is what was reported on the news today .

Five persons are feared dead in an accident that occurred on the Tema-Motorway on Thursday, December 25 – Christmas Day.

(Source myjoyonline)

Nine persons died and several others got injured in a lorry accident at Tua, a village on the Tamale-Yendi road on Christmas Day, police sources in Tamale confirmed. 

(Source Ghanaweb)

Also Statistics show that a total of 2249 people died last year due to accident and 14181 others injured .it involved 21817 vehicles comprising of 10587 commercial vehicles,2440 motor bikes and 

8790 private vehicles .

In other sad news In Sierra Leone ,The deadly Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone means no festive parties at the beach, no carolers singing at night and no church gatherings on the Christmas Day .

Authorities this year have banned any activities that could further the spread of the highly contagious virus now blamed for killing more than 7,000 people in West Africa over the past .(source yahoo news )

Looking at these sad news happening around us ,we can only be thankful to God .

The fact that we are alive alone is a miracle .

If you aren’t thankful for anything at all ,at least be grateful for your life .It’s the best Christmas gift you could ever get .

Merry Christmas !

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