BROKEN FOR CHRIST; The  Story of Perez Musik  in new single “Big God”


The African gospel music scene is once again lifted in high spirits as Ghanaian contemporary singer-songwriter, Perez Musik, works on his latest praise jam “Big God” which will be released on Tuesday, 14 August, 2017.

Perez Musik, who comes from a background of secular music through brokenness expresses his praise of God in a simple-to-follow song which is a parody at olden day worship which focuses on the magnanimous nature of God. “Big God”, has original Afro-pop compositions and strong instrumentation that backs up the track’s vocal call-and-response structure.
Produced by Perez Musik himself, the process that would result in Big God” began with a retreat session seeking Gods face. He comes in strongly with a brand-new charisma and attitude towards gospel music.

Praising along just got easier with the simple lyrics, I serve a very big God oo, I serve a super mighty King oo” with a simple response an awesome God. 

Watch this space for the release on 14th of this Month .. 

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