Charity Z , a non governmental organization based In Accra and registered under the company’s code of Ghana to help eradicate poverty through quality education ,donated educational materials to the people of Nakpa-Bimbila in the Northern Region of Ghana. Some Of the items donated includes Desk,Pencils,School bags,Chalks, erasers,sharpeners,Bibles and so on .

“We support all the UN SDGs but believe that when the goal 4 ( quality education for all ) is satisfied, all others can be achieved easily” The founder ,Jonathan reiterated .

The donations therefore comes as a result of the organisation’s aim to help in the fulfillment of SDG goal 4.

Founder and leader , Jonathan Machator said his organisation realised that although basic education is now free, the lack of educational materials in the area deprived the people from having access to quality education.

“It has come to our notice that even though education has been made free at the basic level, students in deprived areas still can’t afford it’s quality because they lack basic educational materials that would assist them learn smoothly”.

We have made it our responsibility to always mobilize educational supplies from friends, families, and organizations and then channel those materials to students who need those materials to better their educational lives and also to help fulfill SDG Goal 4.”

Project 19 is the third edition of our yearly “help educate the needy child project”

The Municipal Director of Education for Bimbila, Amatus D. Tug-uu was very pleased with the exercise expressed his profound gratitude to the team and encouraged them to keep doing good works. He also used the occasion to encourage teachers and National Service personnel who are posted to deprived areas like NAKPA not to shy away from these areas.

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