Charity Z is a campus based NGO. We are highly populated with Students at the tertiary level of Education. Founded by Mr. Jonathan Machator last year. We believe that the best someone can gift out to a needy child is EDUCATION!

The government is doing it’s bit to make education assessable to every individual irrespective of your background. The government is also pushing the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 4 ” QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL”.
It has come to our notice as students that after the government doing their bit there are still gaps between the rich and the poor.

People is the deprived area of the country can’t afford common educational materials after gaining free tuition.

We “Charity Z” have taken it upon ourselves to mobilise educational materials such as writing books, reading materials, pen, pencils, school bags, among other educational materials which is delivered to needy students during our ” HELP EDUCATE THE NEEDY CHILD PROJECT ”
After our inception last year, we have been able to carry our numerous programs that aided us to have a impact on over 100 students including street children.

This year we are embarking on the same project ” HELP EDUCATION THE NEEDY CHILD ” with the aim of mobilising the following materials;

• 10,000 Exercise Books

• 2000 pens

• 2000 pencils

• 2000 School bags

And other education materials
We are looking at impacting 2000 needy students across Ghana this September.
This year it is our goal to extend Charity Z to the senior High level. We are looking at having clubs on SHS campuses where we are going to groom the members to become lives changers.
You can check out our Facebook page for more info

*still under construction

Contact 0246229741 if you want to be a part of the GENERATIONAL THINKERS, LIFE CHANGERS , HOPE GIVERS ….

Supporting the needy, nurturing dreams.

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