The Romans 9 experience.

Four years ago I decided to write down every quiet time and bible study I did .I started using a devotional book then later stopped and decided to read from the bible instead . Little by little  I wrote  whatever i learnt from the bible as i studied and share with other people .

In June 2013, I created this blog to host all the articles I had written, thus Christian Missive came into existence

However,Christian Missive has gradually  moved from just a blog to a whole  Christian movement

During my normal bible study period, I decided to study on the books of Romans, which has changed my whole understanding about God’s nature and sovereignty. I had the shock of my life when I came across Rom 9 and 10 and “Predestination” which has become the very core of understanding God’s sovereignty, grace and process of salvation. It is my prayer that you would be transformed and encouraged as you read this blog posts. Thank you for choosing to read from our website.

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