Free- will is defined by most people as the ability to choose freely. But the question is that, Is our willingness to choose God what we consider  free will ? If so then ,our willingness to choose God in the first place isn’t free at all.

First of all ,it is not man who chooses God ,in that man in his very nature prior to his salvation can never make a right choice of choosing God.

We will look at this further in two aspects.


Man’s  nature prior to salvation is death. Dead to sin. Being depraved in sin,it only means that our whole being is corrupted with sin  and there is nothing good in us .

Even our good deeds are filthy before God .We will only choose that which bears witness with our nature . Due to this , we are limited by our nature to choose God .

When given free will man would only choose sin and not God because it’s our nature prior to salvation .This therefore means We can never choose God unless he chooses us ,neither can we draw close to him if he hasn’t drawn us close .

The truth is before you could even get the idea of accepting Christ and believe him ,God first works within us through the Holy Spirit and draws us close so that we in turn follow him .

Think of it  like this . God in his nature is Holy .He is faithful and just.He does not lie. That’s  who God is.Hence He can’t lie ,or sin or even cheat . When He does that it will be of inconsistent to his nature .


Therefore if man had anything called free will ,be assured he wouldn’t choose God but  sin .

We are unable to choose anything godly . It’s simply not in our nature to do so . This means that even before  we could ever have the idea of choosing God ,He might have already chosen us unto salvation ,and given us the ability to exercise free will. This doctrine is  called prevenient grace .

A.W Tozer in his book “THE PURSUIT OF GOD ” Wrote “God is never found accidentally . Before a sinful man can think a right thought of God  ,there must have been a work of enlightenment done within him. We pursue God because he first put the urge within us that spurs us to the pursuit ”

John 6:44

No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me   draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.


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