The concept of grace has been widely misunderstood and miscontrued by many. In this article, i seek to explain in the best of my knowledge what the concept of grace is. Grace can be defined as the love and mercy given to us by God because he wants us to have it; not because of anything we have done to deserve it or earn it.It is a gift from God to man which is free and undeserved. It is an exceptional kindness of God towards human beings in making their forgiveness and salvation possible (Eph 2: 8 ). 

Grace also includes the divine gifts which flow from this favor such as this new life,God’s indwelling presence and the ability to beer spiritual fruit. Grace is used in the bible to signify many different things . It is a manifold, as Paul puts it in 1 Peter 4:10.In 2corinthians 12:1 Paul refered to it as ” sufficient power in weakness”.

In hebrew 13 :9 and 2 timothy 2:1,we see grace to be our strengthner. In Rom 5:2 and 1peter 5:12, it is what enables us to stand firm.

Finally in Hebrew 4:16, it is our helper in time of need. PURPOSE OF GRACE. Grace did what the law could not do.The law revealed our sins and limitations and ultimately how far we have come short of what God calls holiness. By grace our sins are forgiven.In Paul’s teaching to in Galatians ,he speaks of the fact that the law was a school master to teach us how far we have failed and come short of God’s perception of righteousness.This was done so we can beter understand and appreciate the grace of God.

Our sins and unfaithfulness reveal to us how righteous and faithful God is ,so we can inturn acknowledge him for who he is. Grace is not a carte blance to sin as many think.In as much as our unrighteousness reveals how righteous our God is , it doesnt mean we must continue to live in sin.

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