How to handle Negative Emotions


What do you do when that situation hurts so much?How do you handle reject ,heartbreaks ,depression? How much pain can you take and still be a Christian? 

These are questions that beckones every christian  at certain times  in their lives . Some find answers to it others simply learn to live with it . 

 Emotional highs and lows are very common amongst christian youth . I  have comes accross a number of   teens who have  had prolong periods of depression and suicidal thoughts.But the truth  is that  isn’t how  God wants us to live ?

It is true that sometimes it seems like nobody feels or understands what we are going  through . Especially when that brother takes you for a hit and run ride and  breaks your heart,when your friends reject you because you are different or when loved ones hurt you .But how Long should we  endure rejection and still be  Christians ?

  As far as we live ,we are never going to be completely free from our problems hence our responses to emotional dysfunction is the determining factor of living a victorious Christian life. This life am talking about is not a one day experience but a life time of God’s grace and strength to live and enjoy life exclusively of our feelings -whether we feel like it or not . If you are depressed or experiencing any emotional dysfunction  ,it is because you chose it.It’s totally your fault and God wouldn’t do anything about what you feel until you rise up and harness those emotions .

Emotions are good things and are given to us by God . But when we allow our feelings to just  go and dictate to us, we end up losing in on what God has purposed for us to receive. 

The good news is we can choose how we react to what happens to us . We don’t always have to react negatively to negative situations .We  can choose to live a composed life even when all odds are against us .  

Check the bible … 

Jesus said bobdly and I quote :
 “Let not your heart be troubled ”. 

If you understand this verse very well you will recognize the role of our choices in reacting to negative situation.Not Letting your heart be troubled means even though you could choose to be depressed or bitter ,you  choose otherwise . 

I believe Jesus said this because it was possible to do . It is possible to still live positive lives in a negative world  . We can choose joy and peace . We can choose to walk in love always .

 You have no reason to be sad even in worse case scenarios . Live a life full of faith and less emotions.

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