​The Good news, that persuaded me, and still does today is this, He that the Son sets FREE is FREE indeed. I was told the story of a FOWL, some 10 years ago, which led me to this question. How Free am I?. The quest to find the answer to this question, thankfully renewed my mind, thus making me, who I am today (limitless freedom), hopefully, it will do the same to you.

Picture this, a fowl was transported for about 10km, in an open pickup. Before the journey began, the owner bound the feet of the fowl with rope, for easy and safe transport. On arrival, the owner, took the ropes off the legs of the fowl. The fowl was still sitting at one place, motionless acting bound even though it was set free.

As a 17 year old boy, this single story, stirred up my spirit and mind. Could I be behaving   like this fowl? How Free Am I?

The fowl was still acting bound. Just like me and many others, we were acting sick, bound to a poverty mindset, spiritual attacks, powerless and bound to addictions not knowing how free we were. We didn’t know how forgiven, we were, how holy we had become, how righteous we had become, how rich we had become and above all how safe we were?

Sad to say, Jesus said in the parable of the sower, 75% of people in Churches are still that way today, acting bound, feeling broke, crying and weeping for God to do what he has already done.

This story began for me the journey of stepping outside the boat of religion onto the reality of walking on the water with Jesus (Christianity). I began to ask a lot of questions in church. I knew a little to be free enough to ask the questions everybody wouldn’t dare ask. Example, why do    prayers say, “We are all sinners, so lets ask God to forgive us”. If we are sinners, then like a teacher or a doctor or a driver who has a profession, its our singular profession to sin. Why would God punish us with sickness, disease, poverty if we sin, I thought Jesus took our sickness and disease and poverty upon himself on the cross?

Why do we say as poor as the church mouse, is the church that poor?

Religion hates to be questioned about why it says and does the things it does? It’s not enough to know what to do, we have to know why. The word of God says ” in all your getting, get understanding” Why do we pray the way we pray? I can’t forget the day, a minister of God was teaching and asked the question, are you a PRAYER WARRIOR or a PRAYER CHAMPION? That got me thinking.

It’s true that, He that the son has SET free, is free indeed, but complimentary to this scripture is you shall know the truth and the truth shall MAKE you free. Even though we have been set free, without the knowledge of our freedom we can still be acting as if we are in bondage. In ignorance, we might have been living a lie all our lives, when in reality there are no boundaries and no limits.

Step by step, line by line, a little here, a little there, I began to discover truth for myself about how free, I am.

It was not long, when I found with great Joy that, if any man be in Christ, he is a new species of being, (one that has never existed before). Old things are passed away. See, all things are become new.  Free from my past hurts, pains, offenses. If you can still remember who you used to be in sin and the world. That is a huge self ‘impose’ bondage. Worse is when Sunday after Sunday, week after week you are reminded by someone about how much of a sinner you are or were. Sins of omission and commission we call it, thus bondage. Why haven’t we been taught on confessing our righteousness, but rather sin? As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Can you see the NEW YOU.

I found out, ye shall receive power (miracle working ability to cause changes) after the Holy Ghost has come upon you. So I stop praying and seeking for power because, I have already been given power, but rather I learnt how to exercise the power I have received in the Name of Jesus. I use to go around in circles like many people do today, in-search for Power, from Men of God, prayer Camps, Anointing Oils, etc., but it never came and will never come. This is because, the most difficult thing to look for in life, is something that you already have.  You will never find it, because you already have it, you just didn’t know.

I found out from the words of Jesus, my yoke is easy and my burden is light. The Christian Life as a teenager was a struggle for me primarily because I was practicing religion and the traditions of men. These simple words of Jesus made me free indeed. I began to tell everyone, any area of your Christian life, that you experienced, struggles and difficulty, you haven’t heard the true Gospel in that area. Prayer should be simple, bible studies should be simple, healing should be simple, Evangelism should be simple, our general walk of faith should be simple. In short, if it isn’t simple, it’s not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul confirmed the same thing to the Galatians, He said, who had bewitched you to turn away from the simplicity of the Gospel?

I found out God has blessed me with all spiritual Blessing in heavenly places. I stopped trying hard for God to bless me, when I realized he has already done that. Count your blessing, name them. It will surprise you what the lord has done. There were no more generational curses operating in me. I ask, why religion only taught on generational curses, but not generational  blessings? If we still think we are under a generational curse, that affect everything we do mentally and physically. Knowing you are blessed frees you to see that you can do all things through Christ. Again, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Furthermore, these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they will cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues. They shall lay hands on the sick. If they took any deadly thing, it will not hurt them. Are we to follow signs or signs are supposed to follow us? We see a different thing today. It’s also interesting to know that this is for all “Joe Blow” believers, not just for some special ministers. How free are you to believe and act on this? I can heal the sick, I can raise the dead, I can speak in new tongues, so can you. The truth is I have actually done all these things with the exception of none. It’s not as complex as I was told.

The more truth I found, I saw how free I am. Free enough to dump religion and hold on to reality. Free enough to embrace change. Free enough to rest in  what Christ has done for me. Free enough to say no to the traditions of men. Free enough to say no to sin, but yes to righteousness. Free enough, not to be bound by any religious exercise. Free enough to say no to any wrong relationships, but embrace the right relationships. Free to love righteousness and hate evil. Free to share the truth. Free enough to make others free as well.

Today, I can boldly say, this is how free, I am. I am determined to see, experience, explore, the full adventure of freedom I have in Christ. It’s a limitlessness boundary and am glad to say, I haven’t fully arrived yet, but I have left. I have got my “walking shoes” on and walking by faith

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