Everyone longs for happiness. we do a lot of activities just so we can be happy .There is even a therapy for happiness .The truth of the matter is We all deserve to be happy at all times . But how can we be happy ?

First of all ,we must understand what happiness is and what it’s not :
Happiness is a choice and not a result . It is a state of being and a state of the mind . We can never truly experience happiness when we base it on the result of life .

The Apostle Paul ,wrote the book of Philipians when he was In prison and Interestingly this book is the happiest letter he had ever written . I contains the word ” rejoicing” 17 times . Amazing right ? . Happiness is not the absence of troubles ,but an inner contentment and satisfaction . As long as we live in this world ,we are bound to have problems .If you haven’t had any ,then you haven’t bumbed into the devil yet ,that is to say you and the devil are moving in the same direction . We usually get carried away with our problems because we place so much value on them . It is not our problems that is the problem, but the way we see it that is the problem .

Today I want to tell you that You can still be happy even in the worse times . You can be happy iresspective of the circumstance and It is the will of God for you to do so .
May you rise above grief and sorrows. Remember anything that makes you sad or sorrowful is not of God . May the joy of the Lord be your strength .

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