I haven’t left Zylofon Music – Joyce Blessing


Gospel singer Joyce Blessing has debunked news that went viral that she has ended the beautiful relationship between her and record label giant Zylofon Music.

In an interview with Attractivemustapha.com, the unbreakable singer it is untrue that she has left Zylofon Music and also false that she mentioned anywhere that she has broken the business deal with the music company even though she has not had the opportunity to read the news that is all over social media.

Joyce went ahead to deny that she has not made any statement anywhere that joining Zylofon Music has been unfortunate to her career.

“I was already there before the Zylofon contract came and I have not gone down. Everybody knew me before I was signed unto Zylofon Music and made my name before I was signed by Zylofon and I am still Joyce Blessing. I don’t know why people are reporting the fake stories. As it stands now I am not going down I keep going up”, the ‘I swerve you’ diva explained.

She confirmed that she signed a four-year contract with Zylofon Music which is supposed to end in three years.

Source: sirkenn.com


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