I WONDER WHY I WAS CREATED[my take on the creation story ]


As i keenly read the creation story in Genesis , I was dumbfounded by the way God called things to be by what he spoke .
His word and the Spirit were in action and there was an intercourse between the two resulting in the birth of all things . The scripture said the Spirit was hovering around the face of the waters when God spoke .
Three persons were present in the time of creation :The father ,the word and the Holy Spirit .
God ,his word and the Spirit can’t be separated ;they work together . God the father said ‘ let there be light ‘ ,his word proceeded to join the Spirit and there was light . When it was time for his word to be made flesh ,the Spirit was once again instrumental.
When it was time for the word made flesh to begin his ministry ,he had to wait for the Spirit to come on him and lead him .
The word and the Spirit are both God . Even human beings are inseparable from their words in that our words show who we are . Our words shows how we articulate speech and express ourselves .likewise , The word of God is deity expressing himself in audible terms .
“And God made the heavens and the earth “.
After creating the earth , something might have happened to it to make it chaos .
The word “without form ” is the original rendering tohu meaning formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness . nothingness, empty space , that which is empty or unreal wasteland, place of chaos . Suggesting the earth May have existed before but was destroyed . The earth then became chaos ,void and dark.
So before God would create anything there needed to be restoration and order and He had everything in place just for that job . The spirit was hovering around the waters ,suspending in the air ,waiting for a command from God ,then finally it came .
Before anything else could be made ,there had to be light . God spoke light into being and light coexisted with the darkness . He never created darkness it already existed .He never despised it too ,neither did he destroy it. However he used it for his purpose by turning it into night.The light became day and darkness the night .
It was at this stage that he showed how he uses everything both good and bad for his purpose and glory .
After creating light he was ready to create the next thing . He deployed the rule of separation ,separating the waters above from the one below with an expanse . He then called the expanse heaven.
By then the whole earth was filled with water so there needed to be another separation . He then commanded the waters to be gathered at one place separating it from the land .He called it earth and the waters sea . resulting In the three main elements Air ,waters and land .
It was this same elements that the various groups of animals and plants emanates . The land brought forth herbs ,plants ,trees , cattle and grass of their kind ,the seas brought forth fishes ,whales etc of their kind and the birds were created to fly In the air .
“I wonder why i was created”
It was time to create man . God said to the word and the Spirit ” let us create man in our own image ” so man was created . He was to be the governor ,so to speak to administer the affairs of what was created . My bewilderment was when all authority was given to man. So all things were made so man can govern them .
Finally God commanded “subdue and have dominion . ” This was the first assignment given to man . I began contemplating ” I wonder why I was created ” .
As it turned out ,curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. I realized His commands were straight ,no ambiguity ,clear and unequivocal !
“subdue and have dominion ” that was our purpose,our assignment on earth . That was why I was created . I was created to dominate ,and be a solution to the numerous problems confronting this world . I was created to rule ,rule over negative situations .I carry power to bring anything into subservience and what I say comes to pass . Therefore I must impact my generation ,I must Fight hard to change negative circumstances facing this generation. Because I was created to dominate .Born to rule .

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