UP-CLOSE WITH KWAKU KWAME-The fast rising gospel sensation-


This week on the personality profile,our team caught up with the fast rising gospel sensation,Kwaku Kwame as he’s affectionately called. His story reminds us that ,sometimes you don’t need a whole bottle of anointing oil poured on you before you take a firm stand for God and do something impactful.

Readers , meet, Kwaku Kwame, the brain behind Journey To The Throne Room as he tells us all about himself and how  it all began.

Interview By :Dorinda Nimpah

CM: Hello Prince,Could you give our readers a short description about yourself and your upcoming programme?

KWAKU KWAME: Oh ok. Umm….. My name in full is Prince Mawutor Kwaku Kwame, Kwaku Kwame because my surname is Kwame 😅😅.Am From a family of 5.Mum, Dad and two kid sisters. I hail  from the Volta Region, Alavanyo to be precise.

I started my early education in Ho, where I was enrolled at Dora Memorial School Complex,Before later moving to Silicon Valley International School at Ofankor Accra. I spent about a year at Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Basic School though.
  I had my secondary education at Pope John Senior High in Koforidua and I  would be going to my fourth year of tertiary education this September, at BlueCrest college Ghana,Reading Bsc Information Technology.

CM:Oh cool. Okay let’s talk about your music ministry. How did it all  get started?

KWAKU KWAME: Well I was doing bathroom singing all my life until I started coming out in secondary school.
That was when I actually realised my potentials. So my first choir were the Pope John choir and the Mystical Vibes, all in Pope John. Before I later started serving in the youth department of my church(Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, North Legon). Before ministry, I had several prophecies from trusted men of God. I couldn’t stick with just what I was hearing so I had to enquire of the Lord to have inner conviction.So I had to pray for a whole year and wait on the Lord before birthing Journey to the Throne Room.

CM : That’s great .But how has it been so far? The support…feedback…etc

: So far God has been in charge. Support is coming in good and feedback is awesome.Last year was the first edition of Journey to the Throne Room And without much publicity God filled the auditorium

CM: Wow. That’s wonderful. So would you say you possess some special qualities that help you in your music ministry? Perhaps the way you deal with people, discipline etc.

: Well I don’t think I possess any special qualities….. But I try to love people and maintain a level of discipline although we might be closely related. But what I would say is helping me in my music ministry is prayer, discipline and wanting to learn more each time.

CM: Nice! How would you describe the genre of music you do?

Well I’m able to flow in almost all the genres. Nothing specific for now.

CM: But as a person? Have you faced any challenges that threatened your ministry at any time?

:: Yeah quite a number of challenges. Some people wouldn’t just like you anymore ,sometimes because, they can’t keep up.

CM: hehe. I can relate. Am sure you have favourite musicians ,can you mention a few?

KWAKU KWAME: Well I don’t have favourites though… I just have those I learn from. Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr, Rev Denzel Agyemang Prempeh, Joe Mettle, William McDowell and Kirk Franklin.

 CM: Mmmm can you give us some of the things they do that you learn from?

: Their music content, their prayer life, their organisational abilities and their leadership.

CM: Mmmm that’s wise.let’s talk about Journey to the Throne Room when is it ? And What should we expect this year?

: Happening on the 31st of July,2016 at CEM North Legon.Gates open at 4pm.We should expect God and a lot of signs and wonders.

CM: Helleluyah 🙌🙌

KWAKU KWAME: 🙌😅Amen ,Also this year  features Rev Denzel and Mama Becky Bonney adding up to Pastor Isaiah and Auntie Kekeli.

CM: okay . Your theme is very insightful…how did you come by it?

: Inspiration from the word of God and it’s a message God wants to send to our generation as well.

CM: That’s wonderful. Well is there any other thing you are  working on aside this programme,that you will like our readers to know?

: Yes please umm I’ll be starting a series on relationship on Snapchat this and every Wednesday and Saturdays. We also have a couple of Outreaches to do later in the year as a team.

CM: Oh that’s cool.More grace .Any final words to our readers?

: Ok I’d say that when you have God in everything you do nothing stops you……… And I pray for everyone reading this message that you would take a stand for God in everything that you do and that your faith would not be shaken in Jesus name.

CM: Amen!Thanks for your time Prince,I wish you greater grace.
KWAKU KWAME: Amen.Wish you same you.

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  1. I love this man of God, and respect him soo much. Theres a lot to learn from him even in his early stage in ministry. Im expecting greater works from This years Journey to the throne Room, last year’s was supernatural. To God be all the glory!


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