Jesus Christ or Santa ?Claus?


I searched for santa in the Bible, but to my disappointment he was not in there.

Confused, I thought to myself “what in the world is Santa doing here then ? ”

I have realised that if Christians don’t tell their  story the world would tell it in a perverted way .

Well it’s okay when we hear the stories about  him coming  through with gifts every Christmas eve as the movies portrays.But Santa is not the reason Christmas is celebrated.

I think we have adopted a culture we can’t really relate to .We have embraced the dazzlingly fictitious Santa instead of the dazzling Jesus. We have successfully replaced our saviour with a myth.

Santa has gradually stolen the glory which is meant for Jesus and he’s more popular on Christmas season than the born saviour .

People aren’t giving glory to Jesus  anymore during this season . They may seem like they are but actually in their heart  ,they aren’t .

Anytime something takes the glory that is meant for God  ,it becomes an idol to us .God calls  us to an endless life of grace and opportunities as we give him glory  and  it will therefore not make sense  to throw all that away .
I have nothing against santa but I believe the manner in which the story is told is inconsistent with the Bible . The motive may be be good but it doesnt justify the results.

Nothing about the christmas season now conveys  the message of the Creator entering His Creation to redeem it from the Curse of sin. We are  rather greeted with symbols  of Santa and the fake stories of how he gives gifts to the well behaved child and coals to stubborn ones .
The world has perverted the truth and  as Christians we need to check this ! We must do away with this myth and tell the actual Christmas story to the world . Carols nights are not enough ,everything we do during this season must tell the world about our saviour . Billboards, Television and radio adverts must all portray Jesus  and not Santa .

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...

This is the Christmas story .A born  saviour coming to earth to save mankind . He is the reason why Christmas is so special to us as Christians. His coming gave us the opportunity to be reconciled back to our maker . His coming saw Him being persecuted .His coming meant he was going to leave His glory in heaven to become a mere man . His coming meant he was going to be crucified on the cross for the sin of the world .

His birth is the best Christmas gift we can ever have and He deserves all the honour in this season.
Merry Christmas!!

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