lightOn: Meet Emmanuel Ampadu Junior , A Young Christian Making tremendous strides in Agribusiness and Rural development.


Born In Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Emmanuel Ampadu Junior attended Golden Sunbeam schools and Ashesi University College for his basic and college training respectively. He has great love for God, reading and interacting with people.

“In 2014, I developed a great passion for Agribusiness and Rural development. I decided to take a step towards that which led me to meet my current business partner Yvette and we started Yvaya Farm which is all about nourishing inquisitive imagination. We strive for our delicious, tropical, natural foods from Ghana to nourish people’s minds and bodies so they can be their best selves, question the world, and create something great.”

“We want everyone to feel and be great! What’s amazing is this greatness is not limited to the individual, but extends to our communities and our global industries.”

Agro-processing is an arm of agribusiness which plays an instrumental role in ensuring an agricultural industry that is sustainable, responsible, and economically positive – and through that a broader environment of prosperity In Ghana ,that means reducing post-harvest loss (increasing resource efficiency,) generating income for farmers, and creating an economic incentive for organic agriculture.

“After noticing that our fruit industry was being under-served – much of its value being taken advantage of outside the country – we decided to start Yvaya Farm. Our dream is to create a brand that serves the community it comes from, serves the world, and creates a global awareness of the amazing creativity and capacity of Ghanaian entrepreneurs in agribusiness.”

When we asked Emmanuel what his inspiration is ,he had this to say

“Jesus Christ is my inspiration. He is the reason behind all I do. Being a young pastor with a young fellowship called The Xperience Church, it is quite challenging trying to manage both but surrendering it all to Jesus makes it easy.”

Final words to all young people

My advice to the youth of today is to understand that they were created for a purpose hence they need to find that purpose because it is only with that purpose that they can make a meaningful impact in their world.


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