lightOn: Meet Jacquelyn Oforiwaa-Amanfo ,the new gospel sensation .


You may have come across her Saturday morning worship on social media ,but how much do you know about her ? 

Meet Jacquelyn Oforiwaa-Amanfo. 

Born on the 3rd of January At Berekum  a  suburb  in the Bono.She holds a degree in nursing from the university of cape coast. 

She’s the eldest amongst four brothers. Apart from her awesome Saturday morning worship , One other thing that fascinates  us about Jacquelyn is her love for fashion  and her never ending love for doing the work of God.

I used to walk from school to the house just to save the money for transportation in order to buy myself some cassettes to learn some new songs”

Jacquelyn’s ministry started  when She was only 10 years old in a choir at light house chapel -Dansoman branch.

“.. I was still young so didn’t know much about singing… I was actually not a good singer but I was surrounded with singers since almost everybody in my family sings… So what happened was I wasn’t really a fan of singing until  I found myself joining choirs because of my family members.. “

By age 12 ,  her interest in music became  so strong that she used to walk from school to the house just to save the money for transportation in order to buy herself  some cassettes to learn some new songs…

“ I treated every issue concerning choir rehearsal very urgent as at that time.. Surprisingly I still wasn’t a good singer..Till I joined one of the famous choir in sunyani called ‘wings of love’,since we had moved to sunyani by then..I came back to Accra for my junior and senior high school.”

In high school She joined a group and they  met from time to time to rehearse .She then joined the UCC Mass Choir at the university.

Even though I was still not a good singer, I listened to music on regular basis.. I read on anything music And prayed then I started seeing results in  level 300 .One of the people who really inspired me was my spiritual father, Min Onasis Effah Kuntoh and some other people who have been of great help to me with regards to my vocals and ministry”

“In challenging moments I just pray, listen to music and most at times I like to be alone so I can have for myself and God”.

When asked what is  the way forward for Jacquelyn, she said 

One thing I desire to achieve which is really on my heart is for my life to be good example to believers and unbelievers.. For my life to be a good reflection of been a Christian and also to make Christianity attractive..

My life should be able to save souls even without me going round to preach. So its based on my intimacy with Christ, my walk with God also. Living my life based on Gods guidance and his words”

Her Final words to other young Christians




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