Maturity in faith


Author: Nathan Lee-Winans Annobi

I don’t believe in the notion that Christianity makes you a supernatural person… On the contrary it makes Jesus supernatural in our lives.
The requirement of our relationship with God is strictly by faith and faith alone. But faith here rightly understood is:

1. Believing that God is… His existence and presence gives meaning to our lives. That we find the ultimate pleasure of life in him and not in ourselves. God in this case is our all necessary and sufficient cause and sustainer of life.
2. Knowing he is the rewarder of those who seek him deligently… We trust in his governance and are rest assured that he is fair to adequately resource our lives in a manner that conforms to his quality or nature of love, justice, and mercy. It is in this that we can find hope and joy. It is at this point that we find meaning to the fact that “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and have been called according to his purpose”.
So let’s​ pause and help ourselves… You will not get a promotion because you gave your life to Christ; neither will you win a competition because you prayed….(my headache of the current faith we talk about)… But when you get that promotion or win that competition, will you find the joy in the benevolence of God through his providential rule or will you look to yourself in the mirror and see a self made person.
Prayer in it’s true sense is not letting God know your problems, instead it is letting yourself know about God and his Providence. So I pray concerning my problem because I know “he is and he is the rewarder of those who deligently seek him”.
Until we realise that God is still making the sun to shine and the rain to fall for both the good and the evil; for which reason whoever is wise to content judiciously with his provision will make gains, we the so called Christians will keep on going for days and weeks of special prayers and eventually feel frustrated with a powerless God.
What Christianity makes out of our lives is that, it turns a well created creature who departed from his creator to find his course back to him… We don’t get new human powers by virtue of our new life in Christ…. We rather become the real ordinary creature we were meant to be. The man and  woman without Christ is not the real human we were made to be; he needs to be made into that human and not a superhuman.
That is why Jesus never wore his underwear on top of his trousers like the superheroes of our days. He didn’t come as a superhero but as man (the real man).
*My take on the nature of biblical Christianity*


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