Romans 10:1 – 4.Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. 2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. 3 For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. 4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

This reminds me of a movie I watched some time ago about a very Powerful evangelist who had an extraordinary zeal to preach everywhere regardless of his location .  He preached at the market square,at the bus station ,in the bus and on the streets  particularly about the law and condemning people .

Many people did not like the way this preacher delivered his condemning  messages .  He even goes  to the extent of fighting with people who refused to listen or agree with what he preached.

This evangelist  later died and met God but surprisingly God said he did not know  him  and showed him the way to hell.
Many of us, just like this Evangelist have a misdirected zeal.

A misdirected zeal is a zeal not based on the truth or right  knowledge . The apostles were persecuted , excommunicated and even killed by the Jews because they thought they were doing God a service.The Jews ,who were clinged to their religious ways of service regarded the disciples as blasphemers and seeking to do away with the systems of religion. They did all this because they had no knowledge of the truth.This is why Jesus told the disciples “They will do these things because they have not known the father or me ” (John 16:2 ) . A true zeal and passion for Christ must come from the revelation of who He is . Paul himself at the beginning of this scripture said “I bear them record ” , to bear record is to witness,or give evidence. He was the Jew who prosecuted the early Christians out of so called service to God through his strict observance of his religion .He was consumed in the law, seeking self righteousness( phil 3:4).

A zeal which is not based on knowledge and precepts of God is one which is not enlightened ,discerning, and not founded on the correct views of God. Our actions and zeal must be based on the truth and right feelings,thus, was the zeal of Jesus Christ and the apostles.
Righteousness is only achieved by faith in Jesus Christ . Any other means we use is not God’s righteousness. It is what is known as self -righteousness.

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