It’s 4:00 am, and am awake in my spirit, praying in the Holy Ghost.
Then I heard “Christian, can I lead the conversation and fellowship today PLEASE”. Ok Father am all ears.
” Am in love Chris, am so much in love with you. Do you know that?” Yes, Father, I know that. “Really, am not talking about a mental knowing but rather a heartfelt experiential knowledge of my love for you. If you knew, then why are you worried about tomorrow or the future? why do you doubt my purpose for your life? Why are you concerned about the opinions of others? Where is the Joy of your salvation? Where is the peace that passes all understanding? Where is my love and care that I gave you?”
“Why are you giving yourself over to the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, the competition and busy nature of this age. You have believed the economics and the wisdom of your days that teach scarcity of resources, the lack and need of society, the unemployment rates and the insecurities of tomorrow. These are all founded on a lie and not the truth or reality. You have taken your eyes of me and looking at the circumstances around you. You have bought into the stress and pressures of this world system.”
“When you look at the birds of the air, the fishes of the sea, the plants and the wild beasts of the field, they don’t worry about where the next meal or deal or job will come from, neither are they influenced by the praise or criticisms of other. They live in the abundant riches of my supply. Can you live by my love?”
Father what should I do to live loved without worries. “Chris, it has nothing to do with what you have to do. It has all to do with knowing who you are, a son to your loving Father. If your Heavenly Father knows how to take care of the needs of all living creatures, how much more will I not be able to supply all your needs according to my glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

“I have loved you with an everlasting love and drawn you with my loving kindness. You are not mindful of the Rock that bore you. You sometimes forget I gave birth to you. Can a nursing mother forget or show no compassion for the child of her womb? I will not forget you Chris. If I spared not my only begotten Son Jesus, but delivered him up for you, how shall I not with him also FREELY give you ALL things? As a Father I have justified you, who is he that can condemn you?”
Father is it possible to truly live in this world, with no worries, fear of tomorrow and the opinion of men? How is that possible?
“Yes, with man’s wisdom and standards it is impossible but with me as your Father it is possible. I’m God, is there anything too hard for me Chris?”
Father, what happens if I become worried and anxious and how do I overcome it?
“To be worried and anxious about anything, is to doubt or disbelieve my ability as your father to take care of you. Firstly, worrying is the breeding grounds for fear, and fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you greatly fear will come upon you. Secondly Chris, when you worry or fear, you willfully give over the authority I gave you as son to the adversary to afflict you or fulfil your fears against my perfect will for your life. Thirdly when you believe a lie, you empower the liar. Hence you will live a lie for as long as you believe that lie.
“Chris the only reason you worry, is because you haven’t considered me as your heavenly father, I set the foundations of the earth so that it cannot be moved, I surrounded the earth with oceans, covered the mountains with deep waters. No beast of the field, no birds of the air nor fishes of the sea, ever goes hungry, because I feed them, more so I clothe them and house them just because I care for them. Can you consider how I have kept the vegetation and species from expiring or extinction? I have kept the constellations, the sun, the moon, the stars, lightening, rains and rainbows each to function according to my word that has gone forth out of my mouth, as the GOD and Creator of the universe. But to you, Chris am not ONLY your God neither am I only your Creator, but more profoundly, I’m your FATHER, your Heavenly FATHER and you are my beloved SON in whom am well pleased. As much as I have loved JESUS CHRIST, so have I loved you, ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance and the whole earth as your possession. Fear not Chris it’s my pleasure, delight and joy as your Heavenly Father, to give you the Kingdom.”
“So long as you will do this, for every day of life as you walk with me through my word, you would be able to live a stress-free, anxious-less and worry-free life”
As a Father to me, I will not worry, I will not be afraid, I will not fear what man can do to me. I will not put my trust in man because in you, I put my trust, knowing who I am as a son to a loving FATHER.
Thank you my Father, my Father, in Jesus name amen.

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