After Men rebeled against God, the Just but merciful God found a way of bringing us back to him. He gave us His only son who brought us the grace and left us with the Holy spirit for a task. A task that forms our fundamental base as Christians.
We are in the business of the GREAT COMMISSION: To win the lost and to build a nation of God’s people.

For once i sat and Wondered, if we were to go through an audit by God on the work He put in our hands,  what will be the outcome of our report???
Christianity has so much evolved. The sad thing is that the evolution is predominantly gearing towards the negative direction and by this rate of Change, if we don’t sit up, the business of our Father will eventually crush in our hands.

Indeed,  church Growth is on the rise accross the length and breadth of the world but what’s the quality??
It’s very evident in these times especially Africa, that our business is in ruin.
The values, the principles and ethics have taken an upside down turn.
Its as though we are working for ourselves.
We have defined the rules to suit our own course with New and Alien wave of doctrine and practices.
I sometimes wonder! Do we still draw insiration from the Holy Bible, influenced by the direction of the Spirit?

Today salvation is even more or less like a risk, because getting saved by hearing the good news is one thing. Growing up in Christ is another.
The quality of growth is determined by the quality of feed. A lot of Christians have been deformed not for their genuine desire to come to Jesus,  but where they ended up to be nurtured after being born again. The sad thing is that they are continuously being fed with poison making them so weak and shallow minded.
Our Father’s  business is indeed in Ruin.


Indoctrination is the order. Occultism is the silent mantra. The word is out and even its  inclusion is a twist to keep the sheep in ignorance to be oppressed by the sherperds.
New borns are growing to appreciate Christianity as signs and wonders,  making them so vulnerable to Magic and deciet. Becoming slaves to their fellow men.
Christians have gradually been bred to have their Faith orientation to Men and things( eg. Oil, Holy Water etc.) rather than God.
Jesus brought us freedom but we are being oppressed by men who have made themselves gods. Isn’t that interesting?

The body of Christ is becoming something else.
Our mandate is to be the salt of the earth and light to the world, thus a focus of influence, but what do we see instead?  Our image has been dragged in the mad by our own actions and inactions.
Our acts look more or less like unbelievers, nothing so distinct and Our lifestyle don’t inspire.
We are self sabotaging ourselves and becoming a source of public ridicule.
We have turned away from the directions of God and defined our own path.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Yes! Its very understandable that some of these happenings have been prophesied and must be fulfilled, but we cannot sit and leave things to lie.
If for nothing at all, it should be to us as a wake up call to intensify work as genuine Christian and to maximise salvation of the lost,  since these signs are directly related to the end times. We cannot watch people heading for eternal condemnation.

The devil is stealing the lost with the image of Christ. he has planted wolves among the sheep and we need to be very vigilant.
The true disciples have got a lot of work to do.
Our business is in ruin and we cannot keep arms folded.
The Harvest is many, but the labourers are few.
This is the time, the time is now!!!!
We need to wake up, for


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