Project 19.5: CharityZ raises funds to buy 100 desks for a school in the Eastern Region.


Charity Z, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Accra is seeking support from general public towards their Upcoming project dubbed ‘Project 19.5’ this September. ‘Project 19.5’, will take place in Nouaso, Eastern Region of Ghana.

This project is oriented towards helping change the lives of students in need and ultimately impact the future of young Ghanaians.

The organization has been able to solicit learning materials such as pens, pencils, and books and are currently pleading on the general public to support them in providing desks to the school. The total number of desks needed it 100 with each costing GHC 150 cedis.

Track Record

As an organization,CharityZ raises the materials needed to help the students attend school through donations from generous individuals institutions.

In the last three years, CharityZ has successfully changed the lives of over 600 children through five different projects in five different locations. In communities such as Opeibia, Dodowa Porters, Dambai, Nakpa(Bimbilla) among others students that would have stopped attending school due to lack of simple materials have been able to attend school through the generosity of people just like you!

In the most recently completed project which took place in January of 2019, CharityZ was able to provide some educational materials along with desks to the village of Nakpa Bimbla, Northern Region of Ghana.

What is CharityZ ?

CharityZ is a nonprofit organization established in 2016 by Jonathan Machator and several other individuals while attending University. The founders are passionate about the future of Ghana and impacting the lives People.Through their journey of helping people, they realized that education is the key to changing the future of individuals, and ultimately Ghana as a country. CharityZ therefore seeks to eradicate poverty through providing a quality education to children in need.

Although education in Ghana has been made free to all children at the primary and secondary levels, students are required to supply the basic materials they will need to learn in school. Upon further research, it became abundantly clear that children in remote villages could not attend school because they weren’t able to afford basic educational materials such as school bags, pencils, and books. Students in deprived communities are suffering from the lack of educational supplies therefore, CharityZ has taken it upon themselves to break the cycle, ultimately changing the future for these children.

Pictures of a classroom block at Nouaso, Eastern Region of Ghana.


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