CharityZ Foundation is at it again. This time around it’s not in Accra or Dodoma or Dambai. Their next stop is Nakpa, Bimbila.

“ It is such a joy in giving back to the less privileged in the society focusing on “ quality education for all” a deliberate attempt to bridge the gab between the rich and the poor.”

As part of build up towards the project , charityZ is raising funds and soliciting for educational materials from friends,families, organizations and other bodies to aid them put smiles on the faces of students in NAKPA.

Please do not hesitate if you wish to volunteer or partner Charityz.

For more info contact 0207890717/0245792448


1. Books

2. Pens

3. School bags

4. Students desk

5. Refreshment for kids

6. Blackboard chalk


A non governmental organization established under the company’s code of Ghana to help eradicate poverty through quality education.

They support all UN SDGs but believe that when the goal 4 is satisfied, all the others can be achieved easily.


1. GIVING BACK: we believe that what ever we have now was acquired from the community in which we were raised. We care to give back to the poor and needy the little we can afford.

2. EDUCATION: To effectively fight for the other UN SDGs, one has to be well educated. We seek to bridge the educational gab between the rich and the poor by providing educational materials support to needy students

3. TEAMWORK: Sometimes to be effective, you need the help of others. We support other Organizations either in cash or in kind ( volunteering ) so far as their objectives are in line with ours .


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