Interestingly, there is a huge connection between our imaginations and faith.Think about it.
I believe that without the imagination, we will not walk by faith, because our imaginations was given by God himself and in Christ it becomes a holy and effective tool to greatness .

It’s actually one of the important things we can use to fulfil our desires . The imagination is very essential when it comes to believing something that cannot be seen, heard with our physical ears or feel with our touch. All you need to do is to see in the spirit realm.The Holy Spirit fully intends to up-grade our understanding on the wonderful characteristic contained within the Godhead so that we can see beyond the natural.

There are two ways for a human to see.
* Through the eyes
* Through the imaginations.


Science teaches about what the eye entails and the wonders it can be able to do .My little study of Science in school proves how important the eyes are .

The human eyes detect light and convert it images. These processes give us a sense of vision,which permits us to observe the surrounding world than we do with any of the four senses.
The use the eye in our day to day endeavors are enormous;this range from reading, working, watching TV, writing a letter, driving a car and in countless other ways.

The eye allows us to be able to see and decipher shapes, color, objects and dimensions by processing the light they reflect . It is a human proclivity to make judgments based on what we see with our physical eyes, yet the physical eye is limited to what can be seen.

One cannot see everything with the physical eyes .The eyes can not detect objects in the dark .Our sight is deprived by darkness .


The mind’s eye can see everything. It is unlimited. You must see with your mind’s eye first before seeing with the physical eyes.

The future can be destroyed or created based on what we see in our minds eye. Without imaginations, man will be completely immobile.

All human developments have been born out of the power of imaginations:the tendency to see things differently. The only way an individual can see the past and the future is by his imaginations. Past events are stored as memory, which use imaginations. Much of our thoughts involve our imaginations. Fear and faith operate in the realm of imagination. when we experience an event in our imagination, it is imprinted as an experience howbeit we did not physically do it. Everyone has in a way abused their imaginations negatively by worrying. We should use the same process in a positive way based on God’s word. When we see something in the eye of faith it is the same as imagining it.

Then the LORD said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. (Joshua 6:2 NIV)

When the word of the Lord came to Joshua to see, it was in a time when the gates of Jericho were closed and there was no way for the people of God to go.
God told Joshua to see something which in reality wasn’t there .Hear  this ,God was not referring to the normal way of seeing but by faith ,in the spirit realm or by his imagination .
God was telling Joshua to see victory rather than what was happening in reality .

You see ,it wasn’t as though things were okay in Joshua’s case but he had to Change the way he saw to conform to the way God sees .

The way God sees a particular situation may be different from the way we see it. The Israelites were stranded at the gate of Jericho, the only way to the promise land was shut tightly; the walls were so high that it was impossible to climb over. Yet God said “See I have delivered Jericho into your hands”.

This might have been a very colossal task for Joshua because he had to switch from seeing with the physical eyes to seeing by faith through his imaginations.

Seeing with our imaginations positively is usually the way God sees things. This is the way God expects us to see irrespective of the challenges confronting us .We must see situations as God sees it and not as they appear .You may be sick or struck with a deadly disease ;basing your survival on the doctors declaration won’t give you the peace you need ,you must see as God does ;how does God see it ;To God you are perfectly healed . maybe you are going through a serious financial challenges , fixing your eyes on the problem will only make it worse ,seeing yourself the way God sees you gives you assurance and hope .

The seers are those who see things beyond the normal. They see opportunities in every danger.

I love change ! I write on things i believe needs to change about current day Christianity.


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