The book of Ruth brings to bear so many christian virtues that we must emulate.The person of Ruth paints a picture of one who is keen and passionate about what she does.This is seen in her enthusiasm to follow her mother -in- law despite all her limitations.She was a Moabite ,which meant she was not a christian. She worshipped other gods.She lost her husband and became a widow for sometime, yet she wholeheartedly loved and followed her mother -in-law.Because of this, she was favored by God,She married a man named Boaz.We can succinctly see that because of the relationship Ruth had with Naomi,she was prepared to do anything for her.She saw how good Naomi was and was willing to follow her God.As Christians we must live a life pleasing to God.A life which pleases God is one that ultimately attracts people to him.We must also understand that the loss of a relative ,brother,husband,wife etc, is not the end of life neither is it an indication that God has forsaken us.Rather we should see it as a means through which God prompts us or calls us to him.We must continuously follow him and look forward to his favour. Ruth, the woman who lost her husband and children,was now called”A woman better than 7 sons “. How can this be.?This is the kind of favor we receive when we follow God with all our heart.The book of Ruth also reveals the virtues of God.In the final chapter of the book,we see how God was able to use Ruth and Boaz to be the main pillars of the genealogy of Jesus.It is amazing.Jesus actually came from the root of Ruth.With God everything is possible .

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