A ruse as defined by the online dictionary is a crafty and deceptive strategm.
It is usually an action intended to mislead, trick or deceive.

How many of us have been misled into taking certain permanent decisions about temporary issues?

Many have fallen victim to the subterfuges of the devil and  have ended up ‘signing contracts “”with the him  even without realising it.

The devil has used many cunning strategies to get at the children of God and he is behind many of the ruse men fall into .However ,we also err by not inquiring of the lord when taking certain decisions.

In the book of Joshua,the 9th chapter, we read  a story about  the gibeonites and the israelites ,particularly Joshua.After God had delivered Jordan and Ai into their hands together with other great nations, they became very popular and feared by many including the Gibeonites.

The Gibeonites therefore devised a stategy to deceive the israelites.

They came to Joshua in scartered clothes and sandals to show how far they have sojourned.They did this to make peace with the israelites so that the israelites will spare them thinking they have come from a far country and not from  the area God has predestined to give them.

One thing Joshua failed to do at that moment was to take it in prayer.

He failed to seek God’s consent on the matter at hand.He failed to buy into the mind of God before making and agreement with the Gibeoanites and he paid dearly for his mistake.

Sometimes the very things we seek to destroy can fool us into accepting it.The enemy can present himself to us in such a way that we do not realise who he is. God is very much interested in our everyday activity.We need to acknowledge him and speak to him about all our problems .

Make it a habit of involving God in all your activities.

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