THE PAINFUL MEMORIES OF JUNE 3RD-Poets and writers commemorate June 3rd disaster


In remembrance of those who died a year ago today.May their souls rest in peace.

Sinking Flames

Our hearts weep, our eyes are blood red from tears we cried for the fallen.
One last good bye, “damirifa due”.

We are sorry for your loss, for even Samson would not be able to wrestle you from the grips of death’s icy cold hands and Solomon with all his wisdom cannot come up with the right plans and strategy to rescue you from his wrath.

“Me k) aba” you said not knowing we were gazing at you for the last, for you would not return home to our akwaaba.
The elders say “Mek) p3 bi adi, 3ni asem n’nam”, indeed seeking to feed oneself and family is flaunt with problems.

For you sought to fend for yourself and the nation, but paid the ultimate price, Your life.
Now remembered and never to be forgotten. Stitched into our soul is your image, that we may never forget the dreams we shared like broken breads of communion we never ate. For our words were our bread eaten in secret by the rivers of memoris.
Mixed into our spirit is your passion, that we may never give up on our visions and aspirations.

Efo Courage Writes©2015



They come down like speeding race cars
Acceleration due to gravity drives their force
Striking us with such indignation till we are forced to take cover
Even covers must be chosen carefully
For their wrath is inclined to all, yes even edifices
The descendants of these assailants attack with ferocity and carry all in their path that have not proper grounding

It rains in Accra…

Formula 1 got no tags on them
Painfully they beat their victims
Like assassins
their onset is usually not foretold
They make meteorologists look foolish
Nadmo cannot curtail their descent
Humanitarian efforts are always late
True to form they rush down like locusts leaving nothing but destruction in their wake
A magnanimous conflagration

Oh! June 3rd
Who told you we were ill-prepared?
Who told you of the filth in our gutters?
Who told you to shroud urself in pitch darkness?
Who told you to dent our minds with painful memories?
Who informed you of our weak points? Who told u to strike us with all your might

You came and laid to ruins our investment
Made widows of our wives
Widowers of our husbands
You mercilessly converted merry giddy children into loathsome orphans

You swallowed many like the whale
But unlike Jonah u regurgitated corpses
After belching fire like a dragon
We mourned and wept bitter tears
We threw dirt on our heads for a hard blow you dealt us

It rains in Accra….

PS: To all the fallen and the families of the Fallen.
It’s been 9 months and the memories linger on.
After 9 months of pregnancy, mothers rejoice over their new borns.
The rains have started, shall we rejoice that plans to prevent recurrence would birth success?
Are we still dumping refuse into our gutters?
PSS: Lord pls no vex if we come to you with wails when it’s our own doing that has caused our suffering.

By :nii_immanuel
My two pesewas.

When the world got a taste of hell,

There seemed to be a never-ending knell.

Oh! What a dreary day it was

When Life and Death were at war

Hell happened when the shelter went up in flames

A place supposed to be refuge

Became a funeral cremation of pain

When the world got a taste of hell

Dark was the night that day,

how unassuming it was

And how great was the loss

It deceived with normal mire

but unleashed a terrible fire

It rained like God’s tears

Stirring up the people’s fears

Waters rose

Cars unmoved

Legs stopped for safety

And Cats and Dogs outside the rain

Hid from the cats and dogs that poured in the rain

The great explosion was the tolling bell

That signaled the very presence of hell

Angry flames broke out fast

Feeding on everything in its path

It broke the bond of two lovers,

Shattered the visions of dreamers

And took away the babies of a mother

Flames and waves fought

As the doomed sought

To beat nature and save their lives

Fire and Rain

Spark on Oil

A burnt station

Which had exploded the nation

Had left the alive, dead

And the dead, dead

There was no life in hell

There were no stars

There were no smiles

Just pain, screams and scars

Destroyed prized possessions

Lost loved persons

Buried potentials and identities

Had taught the nation a lesson

We won’t ever forget the day

When the world got the taste of hell

When the ringing bell became a tolling bell

And the flag flared in the air at half-mast

We would run to the place

Where the streets are made of gold

To the place where joy abounds

We would look to the place where there are no tears

And only Everlasting Light exists

We shall look to the place of true refuge

Where neither water nor fire can reach

By:© Selassie A. Amissah Mensah 2016


Thunders clapped and the clouds frowned
There they stood in the eyes of each
Other as they struggle both great and small.

Life then became unfair to them as
Vision and mission vanishing into thin air, and ambition being buried in the darkness of eternity.

 Hopeless tears drops from innocent cheeks.  Hearts turn soft and broken as eyes turn red.

“Mama, mama, Dada, dada M)wuoo, m)woo

Were the words I heard. Their cries tore
through the starless night sky.

 Sadness beams on my face as I stood right in my own space to see who Win the death race.

A race with no beginning nor an ending yet people wanted to run faster than
Usain Bolt  yet advanced not.

Men and women lost their beautiful souls and goals as if we were still in the Gold Coast where we lost our Gold
to the so called folks.

 I felt the pain right through my vein as I was ashamed in disdain.
A question still
Stings my heart; have we grown any wiser?

When Maame Araba’s
house is still near a filling station awaiting to burn and make headlines in news whiles they belong to the so called big men who sit their big position.

God help us.

Written by:©Rain

Facebook:rain. Gh

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  1. Awesome write-ups by the other writers and poets. May the souls of June 3 rest in perfect peace until we all meet our Maker in the best station

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