It is amazing how most of us (Christians) go through the day and later realise that we have not done anything profitable. Most of us are caught up doing the rights things at the wrong time or vise versa.

The wisest man who ever lived, in his cognition of time said that there is time for everything.As young Christians, one of the most expedient things to consider is to be diligent with our time management. There is therefore a need to plan ,set goals(attainable ones) and prepare to reach those goals.I feel a bit ashamed talking about this because it actually reveals my weakness. However i felt the need to share this so others may learn from it.

Before we continue lets first define what time is. The  dictionary defines time as  a non-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.This means time is continuous and cannot be reversed.

 The time lost can never be gained back. The Greek viewed the concept of time in the following way.Kairos and chronos. Chronos is a season of time and kairos is an appointed time.In every chronos (season of time)there is a kairos(appointed time). The appointed time is usually not known that is why there is a need to prepare for it. The chronos can be said to be a preparation stage. It is said that success comes when preparation meets opportunity.Many have missed their kairos moments because they failed to prepare very well during the chronos moments. The appointed time is usually a time of maturity.Every food has to take time to cook,however in the fullness of time (kairos) it becomes ready, likewise every christian has a kairos moment. It is like preparing for an exam in school one who prepares diligently during the term ends up performing well, in the same vein we are expected to prepare ourselves during this chronos moments so we can bear fruits in the fullness of time.We need to spend our time wisely. we need to plan our time in such a way that everything we do must prepare us for a kairos moment. I pray that we will be challenged to consider our times and hold it in high esteem. It is my prayer that God will teach us to know the times and seasons we are in.

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