Phoebe prays every morning to hear God’s voice .She would wake up every morning and say “father talk to me”,but would be disappointed with the silence response she always got .This morning prayers continued for days ,weeks ,months ,and even years , but to no avail ,not even a whisper .
One day ,she had just returned from choir practice and was preparing to go to bed ,when Yaa (her “spirito ” friend whom she always debates bible issues with ), called. This time around ,they argued on the doctrines of grace .Phoebe argued that salvation is by grace and not by works but after one is saved one has to work towards it .Yaa’s only objection was that salvation can not be maintained by works since it wasn’t obtained by works . She called Phoebe to confirm her side of the argument when she overheard a radio evangelist preaching on grace :
Yaa:”Hello Phoebe ,Turn on your radio right now” .
Phoebe :”Msteew ,what is it ?” She asked scornfully .
“Just turn it on” ;yaa added ,what we discussed is on the radio !
She quickly took her ” boom box ” and began to tune from one fm to the other and each fm station she tuned into was active.She could hear people either discussing politics or feeding listeners with secular music.
What Yaa failed to say was the name of the radio station and after she finally got to the appropriate fm station ,the sermon was almost over,and the preacher man was just about wrapping up . She asked, “how could i have missed it? “.She had become so eager to get answers or even know the truth about their argument .In the process of thinking ,something wonderful happened ,she had realised why she never heard Gods voice .
As she was tuning from one fm station to another ,she understood that God was always speaking to her but since she wasn’t paying attention to Him,she didn’t hear his voice . It wasn’t as though God wasn’t talking ,but she never listened . It was after she turned on her radio set that she came by this revelation .
Hearing God voice is like having your radio tuned in to the right station. Many of us have our radios alright , but we fail to turn it on ,even if it’s on ,it is always tuned to the wrong station.Sometimes when God speaks to us,we are busily involved in things that really don’t matter that we don’t hear Him!! Yes God speaks ,but so does the devil. If our “spiritual antennas” aren’t adjusted properly or if we aren’t tuned to the right station ,there is no way we will hear God speak . God normally speaks through our conscience in a still small voice . He doesn’t speak in plain words (atleast that’s what experience has taught me ),rather he speaks to us through ideas ,thoughts etc .
There were so many people speaking on the radio,just like phoebe’s experience ,it was up to her to choose the right station to listen to. In the same vein ,there are many voices around us ;our friends ,parents,the devil and even our conscience speak to us ,but it’s up to us to tune our spiritual ears to listen to only God speak .We have allowed the world to overshadow the voice of God so much that we turn to blame him for not speaking.

“He who has ears let him hear what the spirit says” .
Here,suffer me to give a bit of a personal experience .I was a culprit when It came to doubting if God really speaks ,because I couldn’t hear him ,but the fact that I never heard him didn’t mean he wasn’t speaking.What made matters worse was when I hear other Christians say ” God spoke to me ” ,or “and I heard the voice of God saying .. ” If God really speaks ,then why didn ‘t I hear him ? The answer is simple ,because I never listened .
Listening to God speak involves patience and sensitivity ,which I didn’t have . After a while in my walk with him,I realised that all along he had been speaking ,in the still small voice I never paid attention to .
Does God speak at all ?what’s His voice like ?,how can we differentiate between our voice ,satan’s voice and God’s voice ?Trust me, it’s only the HolySpirit who can truly teach us how to listen God’s voice ,if we pay attention and listen attentively!!!!
For all you know ,we are already hearing God’s voice but we aren’t just sure of it .

I love change ! I write on things i believe needs to change about current day Christianity.


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