Tips to Getting over an Emotional challenge


It is very easy for a Christian to lose his or her head over a severe emotional situation. Not knowing what to do ,many vent their frustration through anger while others resort to having depressing thoughts .

Years of being a Christian has taught me some few lessons about dealing with these challenges.
In this post ,I share some tips on how how to get over an emotional challenge.

1. Connect to your source(God) :

Depression puts us at a crossroad. At this juncture there are two main choices; you either take it to God or you find other means besides that. More often than not, we choose to handle our problems by ourselves. God is the only one that can give permanent rest. He is the one that keeps your head up in the flood. As clichè as it may sound, going back to God is the best decision you can make in that position. No matter how many times you have to go to Him with the same problem, do it. He does not need us to impress Him. He only desires that we bring our weaknesses and pain before Him, for in our weakness His strength is made perfect.

To do: Say this sincerely: Father, I admit I need your help. Please direct me out of this situation. I receive your divine joy in Jesus’ name Amen.

2. “This is who I am – now.”

We must come to understand certain crucial things in life; life is not static. There are changes every now and then and like everyone else, you are on your own path. It is easy to compare yourself with another and let the difference get to you. But you must remember; no two people are exactly the same. In the same manner, you cannot have the same life experiences as another. Once you learn to accept this, things will become clearer.

Understand who you are and more importantly where you are in life. Take your time. Live through the process. Learn your lessons…And when you get to the top, you will appreciate the person of substance you have become. You will grow to know that you are your own competition and others’ progress should not affect your outlook on life. Remember, the progress of others does not mean you are failing.

To do: Spend some time to assess your life. You can use the SWOT Analysis technique.

3.Appreciate the little things in life:

Most people have dreams- big dreams and they are committed to seeing them come true. In our body to get to the highest point in life, we fill our days with so much work that it becomes a painful routine.

We live our lives in such a way that we cannot take a break to actually appreciate this journey. The little things we do everyday ,like eating ,cooking ,washing ,driving to work and so on are what make up our entire lives. We must learn to find joy in doing such routines. You don’t have to go on a trip, hangout with friends Or get a promotion or a raise at work to appreciate your life .Learn to do so even with the little things in life .

To do: Make a list of your everyday routines and make a decision to enjoy every little detail of your life .You deserve to be happy.

4.Pay attention to your thoughts :

The bible says to be carnally minded is death but to be Spiritually minded is life and peace (ROM 8:6). We must purpose to eliminate depressing thoughts and substitute them with positive ones .We can do this by keeping our minds on God and thinking on his goodness ,then We can experience peace and joy. He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. (Isaiah 26:3)

5.Magnify God More:

In a world driven by pressure it is easy to let our problems weigh us down. From the seemingly little issues like seeing other people live your dream life on social media to relatively more pressing issues like losing someone you depend on; life can be just hard! But we are not at liberty to choose when to exit so it is needful that we learn to deal with things like that.

Making God bigger than your problems is a sure way of getting over them .Mighty things happen when we begin to make God bigger in our thinking. This can totally transform us and improve our faith .

To do . When things become unbearable,Tell yourself,”God is bigger than this problem. It is nothing for God.

6.You are loved ! Remind yourself of it :

God loves you ! It doesn’t matter what you have done . Jesus took your place so your life would be spared. Don’t waste your life living in depression. The Lord does not just tolerate us; He actually loves us. He even likes us. He rejoices over us with joy (Zeph. 3:17).

To do : Remind yourself of how God delivered you from a life threatening situation or how He intervened in your life .

Have you also experienced victory over any emotional challenge? Share with us how you made it below

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