Psalms 14:2
The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

There is an undeniable great feeling that comes with getting to understand something you initially could not decipher. The teacher will usually ask, “do you all understand?”. Then the students en masse go like, “yes sir!”. Only you in your small corner can tell you are ‘ seeing stars’. From there, no matter how confused you may be, the onus of gaining understanding largely depends on your willingness to grasp what you missed and your awareness that you might be examined on it.

Many people do not seek God because they do not understand God; maybe not to their level of understanding. There is a two-sided coin here.

There is one who is a Christian but not a joyful one. It is as if he or she is imprisoned – caged from having all the fun he or she would naturally embrace. He or she feels burdened with some ‘rituals’ of prayer times, quiet times, ‘worship’ times, meeting here, meeting there, meeting everywhere. To that individual, Christianity is like being forced to do something when you have many other things you want to do. Seeking God like He wants becomes natural if you will understand God. Don’t be deceived in the feeling that you are rather doing God a favour (I chuckled).

The other is not a Christian and never given thoughts to that ‘expedition’ but rather wants to be innovative; thinking and doing things in the quest of seeking God and yet missing the mark because of misplaced understanding.

Picture this: two little boys, siblings who both love toffees, toys, biscuits and all the play equipment they can point their fingers to. These two are shown and ushered into a room full of the aforementioned. The expectation is certain. But wait! Imagine one started crying so uncontrollably and started running just to find himself in mummy’s arms the moment he saw mummy and daddy walking away through the door. The other can’t even remember at all that he has a father and mother and gets caught up in all the toys and toffees. What the former did is weird and unexpected. What the latter did is normal and expected. They both love toffees and toys so dearly, remember.

This is the reality. God made someone he could call son or daughter. Someone bearing His very image and likeness. So they both can have that love and friendship spree.

For the first time, He breathes life into a certain moulded and sophisticatedly designed clay. This clay now has life breathed into it. Akin to that, there is a new component (never existed) that generated when the breathe of life (spirit) met the body. Thus, the soul – will, emotions and intellect.

But something interesting is happening. Man has flesh with five sensitive senses and yet placed in a world where all he sees are the very things that will satisfy his yearnings. This is the normal and expected. The weird and unexpected is that man regardless of all the resources for personal aggrandizement comes to the understanding of the deteriorating and temporary nature of the desire-satisfying environment.

When that man can understand that God who is eternal seeks the people with whom He can share eternal love with; people whom the genuineness of their love is proved by the denial of all that will make them do that which they think is normal to do because of the desires that must be met.
A man who chooses an eternal God, knowing he has a never dying spirit and denying the flesh its ‘sinful desires’ though he is so surrounded by everything that meets these desires.

Wow! Separated unto God even when temporarily surrounded with everything that would make him or her look and feel good on the outside – the body. That’s a Christian who understands the plan of God and can genuinely and willingly seek him.

…to be continued.

K. K. Raphael.


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