What will your history Be ???


By Atsupi Davoh

Life is a process, people think about what to achieve, than how to achieve. They say the past does not matter, because our past is gone and that our future is most relevant, reason being that we supposedly have control over it. I disagree! Why???

Life is a package, every bit counts and when taken in parts, hmm…. there is a problem. Life has the past, the future and most importantly today. It’s a mistake to ignore your past for its important to your future. Your past is your control in life, it is the only part you can build upon. The past is the reason one can say I want to be a better person.

Your past lets you know whether you’re growing positively or negatively. Ask yourself, what is my past? What can I do better? What can I learn from it? What can I throw away? What can I reborn? What can I repent from? Don’t just throw your past away, learn from it to yield positive results that is how you grow.

Your future lies before you yet it’s untold. Life gives us something great and that is today. You have your past to learn from and a future to achieve but today to make the difference. What you do now makes history. Ask yourself, what do I have to do? A day will come when your whole life would have become your past, a history. What will you be known for or what will you remember yourself for? It all builds up from what you do now.

Your dreams can motivate you and your past can push you but you still need you, what choices are you making today? What will your history be?

Life has given us an opportunity to mould our past through our present to assure a future, this creates our history. The question is will you embrace it?

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