There are somethings we cannot accomplish on our own. To attain greatness,we will need the help of others .
It is said that “no man is an island of himself “.Based on this, i draw this conclusion ,”There is no self-made man“.
You can never achieve greatness on your own, you will need the help of someone no matter how small. God himself said it is not good for man to live alone. This was because God recognised that we all need the help of others.He is a God of multiplicity ;He created all of us differently with different abilities and unique talents so that one person may not be able to do everything ,on his own.

March around the city once with all the armed men . Joshua 6:3.

Gods direction to joshua was that the israelites should march around the city 7 consecutive days together with all their armed men. For this strategm to take place ,Joshua will need the help of other men.
I think it well to say that, physicaly we can contribute the fall of jericho to the fact that all the armed men who marched around the city made the ground weak, which made the walls to collapse.
Imagine Joshua alone , single handedly doing that. It is somewhat impossible for joshua alone to march around the city so that it will colapse unless he used the help of the armed men .


Two heads ,they say ,are better than one. When we do things together it is a lot faster and easier. Teams play a very important role in our organisations as well as our personal lives.
Every employee is dependant on his fellow employee to work together and contribute efficiently to the organisation.

It has been observed that the outcome is better when employees work together as a team rather than what an individual can do in his best possible way. An individual will definitely take more time to perform if he is single handedly responsible for everything. Team work is also important to improve the relationship among people within the organization ,as well as other institutions such as marriage ,churches ,homes etc .


When we talk of the armed men ,in joshua’s case,we picture a group of physically built warriors with ammunitions ;Armed to the teeth .
They are men who are very experienced in battles and are graced with many success stories of their fights . In our case ,the armed men can be anyone who has gone through life and has experienced failures and success . They are those who have already attained greatness or are on their way there .
The armed men are those who are always ready to help you overcome a challenge or give guidance to those they are mentoring .
They are those who don’t just talk ,but also offer the means you may need . There is greatness in every man ;the difference between you and the one who has already made it is that he knows something you don’t know . Without the armed men ,Joshua couldn’t have done this colossal task . Likewise we would need the help of people to achieve greatness.

I love change ! I write on things i believe needs to change about current day Christianity.


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